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Northwest Leadership Seminar Presents
Adapting to Change & Overcoming Adversity in 2021 

Dr. Dale Henry  Change Your Present and Change Your Future

You have heard all the stuff, right?  Embrace change!  Go with the flow!  Stand in one place too long, and you’ll fall behind!  If you are green, you are growing, and if you are ripe, you rot!  Getting better really means getting better at accepting change.  Organizations and individuals that create value create their own destiny into the future.  True change happens when success is achieved in front of the future curve–not behind it.  This program focuses on the Ten Cans of Change and why and how our jobs as leaders is to become the Opener.

Dr. Dale Henry grew up in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, an area that is bountiful in two things—hospitality and story-telling.  Dr. Dale has been a teacher, principal, Dean of the oldest college in Tennessee, a businessman, author, and a speaker and trainer.  Dale has been in customer service over half his life.  His story-telling ability propelled him as a teacher.  This, combined with his customer service and unique ability to captivate audiences, has sky-rocketed Dale in his speaking career.

Since he began speaking just a few short years ago, corporate, government, and educational agencies call on Dr. Henry regularly to have him train their professionals. In keeping with his book title, The Proverbial Cracker Jack:  How to Get Out of The Box And Become The Prize, Dr. Dale aims to help his audiences become the prize!

Gordon Graham Your Black Swan is Someone Else’s Gray Rhino: Some Thoughts on the Importance of Sharing Institutional Knowledge

Those familiar with Gordon Graham know the exciting, information-filled seminars he delivers. This action-packed program will cover foundational information about the value of the discipline known as risk management. In a nutshell, risk management is a formalized process of identifying and evaluating risks and developing strategies today to eliminate future tragedies.

Gordon will show you how to recognize, prioritize, and mobilize by identifying issues that historically have caused problems for similarly situated agencies. By the end of the program, the attentive attendee will be able to:

1.      Identify potential problems lying in wait within their organization.

2.      Identity and implement effective control measures to address these problems.

3.      Enhance the feedback loop to prevent future similar problems from occurring.

4.      Learn from the mistakes of similarly situated organizations around the world.

5.      Leave the program with an expanded level of knowledge regarding real risk management.

Gordon Graham is a 33 year (retired) veteran of California Law Enforcement. His education as a Risk Manager and experience as a practicing Attorney, coupled with his extensive background in law enforcement, have allowed him to become internationally recognized as a leading professional speaker for both private and public sector organizations. He combines his vast knowledge with humor, with the goal of educating his audience on how to better protect themselves, their employers, their professions, and their families.