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History of Northwest Leadership Seminar

A Seminar Dedicated to Leaders in the Northwest

The Northwest Fire Management Seminar (NWFMS) began in 1970, by the Portland Fire Bureau’s Chief’s Association.  During the first five years the NWFMS was held at Portland State College (now University) and then the Oregon Department of Transportation building in Milwaukie.

Beginning around 1975, the Seminar continued to grow beyond the ability of the Portland Fire Bureau Chief’s Association to continue to sponsor it.  The NWFMS was handed off to the Oregon Fire Chief’s Association and moved to the Red Lion Thunderbird Motel on Hayden Island.  As the seminar continued to grow it was moved to it’s current location at the Red Lion at Jantzen Beach.

During the early 1990’s, the NWFMS Committee began including members from Law Enforcement and 911 Emergency Communications as committee members.  In 1994, the seminar name was changed to the Northwest Leadership Seminar to more accurately reflect the role of modern public safety leaders.

Northwest Leadership Seminar Today

The Northwest Leadership Seminar marks its 48th annual anniversary in 2017. The seminar has grown over the past 45 years, from 60 seminar attendees to over 800 attendees. It is our mission to “Provide a variety of dynamic, educational experiences and valuable, practical skills for leaders of today and tomorrow.”

This conference is the educational and motivational highlight for many public and some private sector managers in the Northwest. It has won high marks over the years for providing managers with the latest thinking on new challenges leaders face. The Seminar provides practical information and tools that leaders can take home and use to address the many leadership and management issues they face every day.